Extensions for Boots

  • Enqueue

    A plugin or theme wouldn't do much if it wasn't for enqueuing javascript or css stylesheets. Enqueue comes in handy for this purpose.
  • Database

    This extension is used for basic options and post meta, get and update utilities.
  • Ajax

    An efficient and more reliable ajax approach compared to the WordPress default ajax service.
  • Media

    Easily empower your pages with the media uploader.
    Includes a utility for image resizing on the fly.
  • Form

    Use form elements with ease. Includes powerful utilities. Endless possibilities with built-in hooks.
  • Admin

    Take a nap while creating admin pages. It can't get more simpler!
  • Metabox

    Create meta boxes in just a few seconds. No tedious work!
  • Type

    Easily add custom post types.